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Choosing Paint Colors with Splash Painting UT LLC

Choosing the Right Paint Colors: The Psychology of Color

Choosing the right paint colors for your commercial property can make a huge difference in how clients perceive your company. Whether we’re conscious of it or not, colors carry deep symbolic meaning. Consider the language of colors. Have you ever heard someone say they’re so angry that they’re seeing red? Or they’re green with envy, tickled pink or feeling blue? That’s because colors influence our emotions.

When it’s time to decide the color scheme for your commercial property, consider the psychology of color. Let Splash Painting UT LLC’s color consultants help you decide what you want your walls to say.

Exterior and Interior Paint Color Ideas

Color choice is always a business decision. When clients see your exterior and interior paint colors, they make decisions about your company. That’s why it’s important to understand how wall paint colors affect emotion.

Choosing Paint Colors for Your Interiors

Black represents strength, power, and formality. You generally don’t want to paint an entire office interior black, but a dark grey wall in a conference room can provide a sense of authority. Accent colors always pop against black more than they would against grey, beige, or white.

White is a neutral color known to symbolize innocence. These days, white is the color of minimalism, though it can be boldly accented with a powerful splash of red or soothing blues. It’s an ideal interior paint color for medical buildings since it also suggests cleanliness.

Red is an eye-catching color that conveys energy, confidence and power. It’s a great way to stimulate energy in your workplace but works best as an accent color. Since it opens appetite, it’s also a great color for the food industry.

Yellow is warm and inviting but can also convey excitement. It’s a great color to use in places for children, as well as in retail environments where you’re emphasizing sales. It is also known to improve memory and concentration, which makes it a great color for schools and offices. If you manage an apartment or condo complex, consider a warm yellow as a kitchen paint color.

If your business is invested in going green and wants to show it through paint, you can’t go wrong with various shades of green.

Corporate settings enjoy dark blue interior paint colors for their seriousness and professionalism.

Lavender or lilac are soothing and restful. They both make for great bathroom paint colors.

A Simple Solution for Choosing Wall Paint Colors

When you’re having trouble deciding on the right paint colors, consider speaking to Splash Painting UT LLC’s color consultants. We’ll help you choose the right wall paint colors and accent colors to enhance your brand! Call us today to discuss the right color choices for your commercial property.