Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Lehi

If you’re seeking to modernize your commercial property, starting with the kitchen is a great way to guarantee a dynamic transformation. Everyone knows that kitchen improvements offer the best returns on investment. Renovations are costly and time-consuming and might not be the ideal solution for the average business owner. But it doesn’t mean your business can’t be your dream home. If your kitchen cabinets are functional, consider refinishing them instead. Your kitchen will look like new without breaking the bank.

Cabinet Refinishing for Commercial Kitchens

Refinishing kitchen cabinets means changing the color and finish of your existing wood cabinets. Whether you opt for painting or staining, a quality job begins by dismantling the hardware. Trust professionals like those at Splash Painting UT LLC. We take the time to do things right, which guarantees your investment.

Next comes surface preparation. By sanding or using chemicals to strip the old finish, our professional team can get the surface ready for the new color. We apply this new cabinet paint or stain with care, making sure to get every side. The last steps are to seal the work for a smooth surface and reassemble your cabinets once they’ve dried.

Painting or Re-Staining Kitchen Cabinets

A fresh look for your kitchen doesn’t mean an expensive renovation project. Resurfacing your kitchen cabinets costs a fraction of what remodeling projects costs.

When deciding between painting and re-staining kitchen cabinets, consider the benefits of each. Re-staining costs less and brings greater value to your home. If you’re planning on selling your property soon, consider re-staining. The classic woodgrain look never goes out of style. But, if you’re planning to keep your property for a long time and want a modern look, painting wood cabinets gives you much more versatility. By investing a little bit more, you can get the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. No matter what you decide, refinishing is the most cost-effective way to transform your kitchen.

On top of the financial savings, cabinet refinishing is an eco-friendly way to revitalize your kitchen. Because you’re retaining your existing cabinetry, the environmental cost is low.

Cabinet Refinishing Services

No matter the cabinet, we can paint it. We’re proud to transform your kitchen cabinets including:

  • Cabinet Boxing
  • Cabinet Drawers (inside and outside)
  • Cabinet Doors
  • Laminate Kitchen Cabinets
  • MDF Kitchen Cabinets
  • Melamine Cabinets
  • Shelving (including build-in cabinet shelving)
  • Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Choose the Leading Professionals for Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Our local specialists have been serving Lehi for years. We’re prompt, reliable and conscientious. With years of experience and an eye for detail, we reduce downtime and guarantee incredible results. We stay on track, on schedule and within budget to meet your project’s needs. Get the best paint for your kitchen cabinets! When you’re ready to transform your kitchen, think of Splash Painting UT LLC.