Epoxy Floor Coating in Salt Lake City

The secret to a beautiful property is more than attractive walls. Floors are often overlooked, but they too contribute to the design of any building. A worn out, unfinished floor will tarnish the esthetic of your space, no matter how attractive its other features are. Splash Painting UT LLC’s epoxy flooring is a durable, low-maintenance, affordable solution.

Epoxy Coatings for Any Salt Lake City Space

Beautiful flooring has never been easier. Our epoxy floor paints come in a vast selection of colors and textures to allow you to customize the look of your building. From high-gloss to metallic finishes, no design is off limits.

Epoxy Floor Coatings and Techniques

Solid color epoxy is a time-tested classic for commercial properties. Choose from one of our many color options to get the beautiful color that suits your design needs. The seamless, high-gloss finish provides a clean look, no matter the area. As an added advantage, it reflects ambient lighting to help brighten your space. It’s ideal for warehouses, commercial garages and athletic facilities. When you want to add an extra pop of texture and color to your flooring, turn to epoxy flaked floors. Placing colored flakes or chips in the epoxy results in an exciting surface design. Since flakes and chips come in so many colors, sizes and styles, the esthetic possibilities are nearly endless! It’s the ideal floor coating to add character to a space.

By combining epoxy resin with quartz grains, we produce a beautiful, durable surface. Unlike chips and flakes, quartz is similar to sand in texture. The result is an even studier surface that resists water, fire, abrasions, spills, stains and more.  This resilient finish brings a special sparkle to your commercial or industrial property. You can also opt for a tinted topcoat for added flair.

Looking for a designer look that’s sure to set your floor apart? Consider a stunning custom epoxy flooring design. By blending colors and textures together, we can create seamless faux marble. Splash Painting UT LLC’s quality craftsmanship is guaranteed to make an impression on guests or clients. Our metallic effects are equally spectacular. Adding metallic pigments to a clear epoxy coating, results in a gorgeous, iconic look.

If you’re worried about water damage on balconies, parking lots and walkways, consider a concrete sealer. They preserve your exterior concrete and protect your home or business’ curb appeal. With our quality sealer, it’ll look good all year. The changing weather will be no match for your property!

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No matter the epoxy flooring you choose, we guarantee beautiful, long-lasting results. Our expertly applied coatings are reliable, easy to clean, and incredibly attractive. Contact us to learn more about this versatile painting solution!