Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating in South Jordan

When it comes to your commercial flooring, you deserve it all: durability, design and affordability. At Splash Painting UT LLC, we’ve made it our goal to exceed your flooring expectations. Our epoxy floor coatings protect your floors for a long time. With beautiful colors and finishes, resilience isn’t the only thing added to your property! Epoxy flooring is an environmentally conscious flooring system with the ability to beautify any space. You might even say you’ll be floored by the transformation.

We approach epoxy flooring as a full-service. By bringing exceptional care and attention to detail, every step of the process is performed to its highest quality. We start with a free on-site consultation to discuss your needs. We measure your space carefully to give you an accurate estimate. Together, we develop a design and a plan of action that suits your needs. From planning to production, we transform your flooring with efficiency.

Choose Epoxy Floor Paints

Protecting your commercial building’s floors is a smart business decision for so many reasons. With epoxy’s ability to withstand heavy foot and machine traffic, your floors will last a lot longer. Epoxy floor paint also improves your building’s safety. Its slip-resistant finish reduces the risk of people tripping, falling and injuring themselves. Its water-resistant properties also help prevent water damage.

By choosing the smooth surface of an epoxy coating, you prevent mold and bacteria from building up on your floors. Exceed health and safety standards while protecting your employees and customers. Add a polished look to your concrete to increase its appeal. With various finishes, you can make your esthetic vision a reality.

Professional Commercial and Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating in South Jordan

With years of experience in applying epoxy floor coating, our skill is unparalleled. Our experienced team knows what they’re doing and stand by their craftsmanship. Splash Painting UT LLC’s goal is to deliver innovative coating solutions. The result is the best floors for your business.

Like most painting processes, the installation begins with repairs. The cleaner and smoother the existing surface, the better the coating adheres. Removing debris and grease is critical for a smooth, flawless finish. If necessary, we’ll grind the surface to maximize adhesion. If your floors see many water spills, we can also offer moisture mitigation services. It’s always best to choose a professional installation.

The epoxy application consists of primer, the epoxy coating, and the top coat. The difference between an epoxy coating and epoxy flooring is the thickness of the epoxy. Regardless of the thickness, you get a clean, durable floor. It’s guaranteed to make your South Jordan property stand out.

Choose Splash Painting UT LLC for Your Epoxy Flooring Needs

We guarantee quality craftsmanship that will enhance your commercial or industrial building for a long time. If you’re looking for the finest epoxy flooring, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today for a free quote. When it comes to your floors, trust our quality craftsmanship.