Exterior Brick Painting in South Jordan

When your masonry fails to stand out, consider revitalizing it with a splash of color or a gorgeous stain. A fresh coat of paint can give new life to a brick exterior and draw the appreciation of guests and clients alike.

Splash Painting UT LLC’s experts are invested in quality brick painting and staining. We guarantee long-lasting results using high-grade materials. Protect and enhance your South Jordan property today!

Choosing the Right Brick and Masonry Paint

Not all paints are created equal. Masonry paint is specifically designed to adhere to your bricks and protect against the elements. Many people think painted brick walls need to be repainted every three to five years. That’s because they’re not using the right paint. A quality masonry paint can last decades. By choosing a breathable brick paint, you protect your property from moisture damage and mold buildup. It also resists cracking and blistering for a lasting finish.

Splash Painting UT LLC will help you choose the right primer, brick paint and finish coat for your property. Choose from dozens of colors to suit your needs. With satin, matte, and textured finishes, you can customize you brick how you see fit. We’re committed to open communication and reliable service to get you the look you want.

Painting Brick Walls in South Jordan

A quality paint job is as much about the preparation as it is about the paint. Call us to discuss some of the comprehensive exterior brick painting services we offer.

It’s important for your brick and mortar to be in good condition before painting. While small scuffs aren’t a problem and can be hidden with a beautiful coat of paint, severe damage poses a problem. Because bricks and mortar are constantly exposed to changing weather, they can start to deteriorate. Cracks in the mortar can let water in, which can damage your property.

Brick tends to collect dirt, mold and moss. Painting over this mess will not only prevent adhesion but also result in an unappealing surface. We have the right equipment to pressure wash the exterior brick without damaging it.

We’ll mask and cover surrounding surfaces to make sure they don’t get unwanted paint splashes. We’re committed to quality work and we take your property’s protection seriously.

Since brick is porous, it can be difficult to paint. We know the secret to excellent adhesion is a well-primed surface. By selecting the right primer for your building’s exterior, we guarantee vibrant results.

Efficient and Effective Exterior Brick Painters from Splash Painting UT LLC

There’s more to a quality paint job than just taking a brush to the brick. Our professionals guarantee perfect services and perfect results. Because brick painting is permanent, it’s crucial to put your project in the hands of experts you trust. An inadequate job can cause peeling, mold growth and moisture damage. Consulting with our professionals is a great way to protect your investment.

Make your old brick look new again by painting your exterior brick. Contact us today to get started.