Industrial Painting Contractor in South Jordan

Splash Painting UT LLC’s qualified industrial painting contractors are equipped to handle any painting job. We take pride in our quality craftsmanship, no matter the scope of the project.

South Jordan’s Professional Industrial and Commercial Painting

Before you hire us, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation. Our knowledgeable commercial painting contractors will meet you for a consultation on your property. We’ll have a look at your project’s needs and analyze the surface materials. By doing so, we can provide you with a step-by-step plan and a detailed estimate. We’ll also provide you with a timeline that aims to reduce downtime.

We take pride in being thorough throughout the entire process. By providing you with a detailed plan, we give you the tools to make an informed decision. This is your project, after all! We outline our process and explain the rationality behind each material we suggest. Our goal is to empower you to make the best choices for your property. Our clients’ delight in our process has always been important to us.

Industrial Painting Services

Great results begin with attentive preparation. We take surface materials into account when deciding the best techniques to clean and ready the area for paint. These techniques include sandblasting, hot water pressure washing, sanding and chemical cleaning. To protect more delicate surfaces, we manually wash and sand them. Otherwise, we use the latest high-performance power tools to guarantee impressive results. Our equipment is ideal for factory interiors and exteriors.

Quality Industrial Paint

Our premium industrial-grade paint provides a lasting finish. With knowledge of industrial surfaces, we’re able to help you select the coating best suited for the job. In this way, we prevent the paint from peeling, cracking or fading over time. From epoxy to enamel, our products are designed with your unique work environment in mind. We always take changing weather into account when preparing for a project to make sure we can apply the coating smoothly. Our craftsmanship will protect your property for years to come.

An Industrial Painting Company for Your Commercial Property

Let’s face it, all surfaces need maintenance. Whether from unpredictable weather factors or from constant use, wear and tear are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you should worry about your property. At Splash Painting UT LLC, we know the key to longevity is proper maintenance. Nothing is more cost-effective than preventing breakdowns and damages from occurring in the first place

Our industrial painting contractors not only provide impressive results, they also explain how you can maintain painting results. Quality craftsmanship never ends with the application and cleanup. We’ll give you our professional advice for how to clean and maintain your facility. If you’d like to schedule an inspection for the future, we’re happy to do so. We stand by our work.

Splash Painting UT LLC’s Commitment to Expert Industrial Painting Services

We prevent safety problems before they happen. Our licensed and insured industrial painting contractors receive extensive training year-round. Since industrial painting technologies continue to evolve, we stay ahead of the curve. We make safety a priority not only for our contractors but also for your employees and your property.