Spray-Applied Exterior Painting in South Jordan

Over time, the exterior walls to your business will see natural wear and tear. Its colors will fade, the surface might crack or chip. You might have considered replacing your siding to update your commercial property and increase its appeal. But doing so is expensive and your current cladding system still does its job keeping out moisture, noise, and bugs. Is it worth the expense and hassle?

Splash Painting UT LLC has a solution. Spray-applied exterior painting delivers a flawless paint finish to improve the look of your property. Our beautiful and effective coating solution works on all types of materials you might not think you can paint. These include vinyl and aluminum siding, stucco, and brick. Our exterior refinishing system can also be used on doors, window trims and bannisters. No surface will be left unpainted!

By coating your existing substrate, there’s no need to replace a functional cladding system. Get quality, sustainable solutions to increase your building’s appeal.

Extraordinary Exterior Painting Services

Spray-applied exterior painting services can invigorate the look of any building. By tailoring the coating to your substrate, we guarantee perfect adhesion. Get a flawless permanent finish, no matter the surface.  

Splash Painting UT LLC’s process depends on your building’s surface materials. With that said, it generally begins with a cleaning. Because your building’s exterior is exposed all year round, it collects dust, cobwebs, mold and other dirt. Depending on the substrate, our painting contractors will either perform a thorough pressure wash or a gentler rinse. A clean surface increases paint adhesion.

Once the substrate is clean, our attentive contractors will tape and cover the surrounding surfaces to protect them from our specialty paint. Each coating is uniquely suited for a particular substrate; for instance, our exterior paint for vinyl siding is designed to minimize heat absorption. This means your vinyl will retain less heat in the summer. It also won’t bubble or crack. Our exterior paint for aluminum siding is designed to prevent discoloration and powdering. No matter the coating, color, or finish, we provide a permanent solution to keep your building looking great.

Expert Painting Contractors

By using the right equipment and techniques, our skilled contractors apply a smooth finish to your property’s exterior. Whether we’re coating sidings, doors or window trims, we guarantee a flawless application. No splashes. No streaks. No missed spots. 

Since one coat of spray-applied finish equates to approximately four coats of paint applied with a roller, the transformation is quick. The process is efficient and cost-effective.

Professional Service for Spray-Applied Exterior Paint

Quality craftsmanship also means attentive customer service. Splash Painting UT LLC’s contractors are respectful and focused. We start with a consultation at your property’s building to discuss the scope of the project. We’ll also inspect your existing siding to develop a plan of action. We’ll answer all your questions about our spray-applied exterior painting services. Before you know it, you’ll hardly recognize your building’s exterior.

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