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Faux Finishes for Your Building

Interior designers love faux finishes for the way they transform a space without exceeding your budget. With infinite texture options, faux painting allows you to customize the look of your business. The process requires exceptional skill and technical knowledge. Done right, it adds remarkable character to your property.

The professional painters at Splash Painting UT LLC, aim to make your space look incredible with faux finishing techniques.

Faux Marble Paint

Faux marble is one of the most popular faux finishing techniques. It adds elegance and luxury to any space: hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, business lobbies—you name it. Genuine marble is one of the most expensive materials you can use for a wall, but our artisans can flawlessly mimic its look at a much more affordable price.

Faux Wood Paint

Also known as “faux bois” this faux finishing technique mimics the appearance and texture of woodgrain. Traditional faux wood from the 19th century used mesh frames and concrete to sculpt branches and planks. The modern application uses paints and glazes to simulate the look of woodgrain. But that doesn’t mean there’s no texture. Faux wood brings incredible depth and warmth to any room. Walls, floors, doors and even furniture look great with faux wood finishing!

Faux Stone Paint

Like faux marble, faux stone is a fantastic way to get an expensive look at an affordable price. Faux stone produces the illusion of stone blocks. It’s ideal for bathrooms, sunrooms and exterior walls. By carefully balancing shadows and highlights, Splash Painting UT LLC can produce an incredible three-dimensional effect.

Faux Concrete Paint

The unfinished concrete look is gaining popularity for commercial businesses. It’s become especially trendy for start-up businesses aiming for a down-to-earth feel. As a result, the look conveys edginess, youth and liveliness. But just because it looks cool doesn’t mean you want an exposed concrete wall bringing the outside weather into your space. Faux concrete painting is a great way to get a contemporary, urban look for your space while making sure it’s still comfortable to live and work in.

Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster brings a little bit of Europe into your commercial business. Its techniques reach all the way back to Ancient Greece. The result of this labor is an unmatchable look. Any room feels elegant when the walls are decorated in venetian plaster. Splash Painting UT LLC can transform your plain walls into art, right before your eyes. Venetian plaster also ages gracefully since it’s durable and easy to maintain. Since the coloring is mixed into the plaster, it won’t peel or crack the way some low-grade paints do. And we can apply directly onto your existing drywall, so there’s no need for demolitions.

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